This section advertises all the Transmontano Mastiff litters that will be registered and that have pups available for sale to prospective buyers.

To be listed here, litters had to comply with the Breeding Norms defined by the Portuguese Kennel Club.

Breeder: Arlindo Costa Neves
Dam: Luna das Terras de Barroso (LOP562876)
Sire: Falco II (LOP613588)
Location: Amoinha Velha (Chaves)
Telepnone nr: +351 934784441
Date of birth: 23-06-2023
Puppies leave breeder approx.: 23-09-2023
Puppie's name first letter: S
Breeder: Francisco Xavier Martins
Dam: Rosa de Grandais (RI87892)
Sire: Max de Talhas (LOP603936)
Location: Macedo do Peso (Mogadouro)
Telepnone nr: +351 917594445
Date of birth: 11-07-2023
Puppies leave breeder approx.: 11-10-2023
Breeder: José Ezequiel Afonso Pires
Dam: Joana do Zeive (RI87814)
Sire: ZeiveNeymar (RI88184)
Location: Malhadas (Miranda do Douro)
Telepnone nr: 910 297 242
Date of birth: 01-05-2023
Puppies leave breeder approx.: 01-08-2023
Puppie's name first letter: D
The information about each litter is loaded to the website when the pups are about 15 days old and is taken out after the dogs leave their mother at around 9 weeks of age.
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