This website was built with the aim of disseminating the extraordinary Transmontano Mastiff dog breed. It includes information on the breed characteristics, such as its geographical origin, its role within the herds and provisional standard. It discusses other issues as well, like different herding types and the relationship between the dogs and their environment, which may help to better understand their peculiar behaviour and the way they perform their role in herd protection.

The Transmontano Mastiff Breeders' Association - Associação de Criadores de Cão de Gado Transmontano (ACCGT) is responsible for this website, built in the framework of a cooperation protocol between the association and the Montesinho Natural Park.

The global objectives of ACCGT are to promote and disseminate the Transmontano Mastiff dog breed and to contribute to its enhancement and maintenance in the Trás-os-Montes flocks, given their unique role regarding protection against wolf damages on livestock. ACCGT also aims at promoting and encouraging the Transmontano Mastiff breeding and making  the connection with the Portuguese Kennel Club (Clube Português de Canicultura).

The headquarters of the Association are presently in Vinhais. It has around 50 members, 70% of which are either sheep or goats shepherds. The map shows where the members live.

Nowadays, the Transmontano Mastiff is present across the country and interest on this breed is also increasing abroad, with a few dogs already in France and Germany.

The registration of adults and litters is presently undertaken through the Montesinho Natural Park, in the framework of a protocol established with the Portuguese Kennel Club. By the end of 2005, 169 adult dogs
and 418 puppies were registered.

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